Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is acknowledged as an anointed Evangelist and Teacher, and a highly respected minister of the Gospel and has been invited to preach in several churches, and organisations, both nationally and internationally.

Notwithstanding his demanding schedule, Dag Heward-Mills, makes time for conferences and conventions as part of the work the Lord has called him to do; sharing on the many and various platforms he is welcomed, the messages the Lord has laid on his heart to encourage and strengthen pastors, ministers of the Gospel, leaders, church workers and diverse congregations to continue to do the work of the ministry as well as drawing closer to God.

Bishop Dag holds an internationally organised Work of the Ministry conference also known as the ‘Iron Sharpneth Iron Conference’ every year (a gathering of thousands of Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel, Church leaders and workers from all around the globe); where he shares the pulpit with anointed Christian ministers from various denominations.

This conference is usually held at the Qodesh in Ghana, but for the first time was held in United Kingdom in April 2014, taking further the message that births encouragement, inspiration, fresh hope, vision, revivals, new beginnings and higher levels in ministry.

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