Since starting the Healing Jesus Campaigns, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has relentlessly availed himself to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit to minister authentic healings and miracles in the lives of thousands.

The first major crusade held in Tema (Ghana) in 2004, was only the start of what has become a powerful and international campaign reaching millions who could otherwise have no access to the gospel. The first crusade held outside Ghana was held in Lome, Togo in 2007.

Dag Heward-Mills has since travelled across nations of Africa, from location to location ministering countless healings that testify of the Lord’s power. Countless blind eyes have been opened, deaf ears opened, the lame have walked, tumours disappeared, mad men restored to sanity together with virtually every type of healing miracle recorded in the Bible.

The Evangelist still celebrates one miracle over all and that is the miracle of salvation. So far the Healing Jesus Campaign has seen over 9 million documented decisions for Christ and is still counting! All glory to God!
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is a miracle minister

Bishop Dag, the miracle minister

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