As well as being the head of a large denomination, Dag Heward-Mills is also one of the best-selling authors in the Christian world today.

He has written over 45 perceptive books on several topics of interest, which are relevant especially for personal spiritual growth and success in the ministry.

His style of writing is notably simple and understandable, with a wealth of scriptures. The books include titles such as “The Art of Leadership”, “The art of hearing”, the renowned “Loyalty and Disloyalty” series of 7 books, the best selling marriage counselling book – “Model Marriage” and “The Megachurch”. His writings are now available in 33 languages including French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish, and have been made accessible to millions of people worldwide. Click here for Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Books in your language.

The most popular of the books so far has been ‘Loyalty and Disloyalty’ which was accredited the Grand Award from the Ghana Christian Book Awards body in 2007. It is now one in the Loyalty series of 7 books.

His works have been greatly patronised by several church leaders of other denominations who have tangibly benefitted from key biblical insights in the books. Most of these ministers have experienced phenomenal results in their ministries. Listen to Ps Berry’s Testimony

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is an author

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, the author

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