Since the commencement of the Healing Jesus Campaign in 2004, BISHOP Dag Heward-Mills has travelled throughout Africa; crossing various borders with the sole purpose of sending the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying. His aim has been to reach the unreached and forgotten.

The understanding that a soul is really valuable and precious to God, is truly evident in this ministry as a great effort is made, at any cost, to send the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The preaching of the word of God in these campaigns has always been accompanied by many manifestations of God’s power. Salvation of souls and many powerful miracles  of the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the dumb speaking and the disabled walking, has always been a feature at the Healing Jesus Campaigns. There is always real evidence that God does back His word with power.

The Healing Jesus Campaign caters not only for the spiritual needs of the people in the areas it visits, but also for their physical well-being through the provision of medical care and basic needs for day to day living like clothing, buckets etc.

In June 2014, the Healing Jesus Campaign was honoured and blessed to hold a campaign in the city of Abomey Calavi in Benin, thus recording the 100th city to be visited since the commencement of the campaigns in 2004. Indeed the hand of God has established this ministry and is causing it to flourish. To God be the glory!

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills at a crusade

Dag Heward-Mills ministering powerfully to a large crowd at

Healing Jesus Campaign

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